Friday, December 26, 2008


I am also on Twitter. I took it off the blog because I had someones comments coming through that I did not think were appropriate. If I want swearing on my blog I would make one like that but I don't so I took it off. This blog is about my etsy store and my family and thats the way I want to keep it so others that come in don't get offended by foul language that doesn't have anything to with my blog. So hopefully I did not offend any one with this post. If so I do apologize. My children check out my blog and I don't want them seeing things like that on it and thinking it is appropriate. thanks to all my followers and guest that come to check me out for letting vent a little about the subject. To everyone Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Hi Mindy, I found this posting fascinating because I've been trying to figure out Twitter. I joined and people keep following me and vice versa but I feel rather clueless as the the whole point. If you ever feel like posting a quicky about what it's all about that would be fabulous.

Hope you and your children had a wonderful holiday!

Mindy's Handmade Crafts said...

I am not really sure about twitter just yet but I talk to people who use it a lot so I will find out some more info

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mindy, that's really sweet of you.♥